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Entrepreneur, Wharton Lecturer, author,

speaker, and mother.

Brandi M. Baldwin, PhD is emerging as a powerful voice in the leadership space. Her fresh take on leadership is inspiring thousands of professionals across the country.  From Millennials to Baby Boomers,  she is challenging professionals to ditch the "victim" mentality in exchange for becoming leaders of their lives and careers.  

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Is Your Career Recession-Proof?

Whether economists are projecting a recession or not, your focus should always be on fortifying your professional brand, sharpening your skills, and expanding your network. 

Dr. Brandi has created a comprehensive list of over 100 values, mindsets, strategies, tactics, and tips that you NEED to know in order to recession-proof your career. you know what they say... stay ready so you don't have to get ready!

From the Podcast

We've all played by the rules, strived for good grades, invested in our education, and followed the blueprint to achieve the "American Dream", and somehow most of us haven't achieved much at all. Debt? Yep, we've achieved that. Stuck at jobs with bosses who don't value us? Yep, we've achieved that. Stuck and stagnant, struggling to find our purpose? Yep, we've achieved that. So now what?

Dr. Brandi's debut podcast, "Career Freedom" is all about helping professionals redefine their pursuits, identify their passions, and step into their purpose.  She's holding nothing back on each episode. Tune in today!

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